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I'm an 18-year-old multi-fandom blogger from Massachusetts named Liz and I want to be a ginger when I grow up. I'm also madly in love with Vincent Nightray. Oops.
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Song: Into the West
Artist: Annie Lennox
Album: Lord of the Rings 3 Soundtrack-Return of the King
Plays: 9

365 Days of Music|Day One Hundred and Four

Into the West - Annie Lennox

Don’t say, “We have come now to the end”

White shores are calling

You and I will meet again

And you’ll be here in my arms

Just sleeping

  #lotr    #annie lennox    #lord of the rings    #return of the king    #this song hurts me deeply    #365 days of music  
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Song: Blackout
Artist: Linkin Park
Album: A Thousand Suns
Plays: 19

365 Days of Music|Day One Hundred and Three

Blackout - Linkin Park

You say that it’s not your fault

And swear I am mistaken

You said it’s not what it seems

No remorse for the trust you’re breakin’

  #linkin park    #a thousand suns    #blackout    #music    #365 days of music  
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Song: Life in Technicolor ii
Artist: Coldplay
Album: Prospekt's March
Plays: 19

365 Days of Music|Day One Hundred and Two

Life in Technicolor ii - Coldplay

Time came a-creeping

Oh and time’s a loaded gun

Every road is a ray of light

It goes on

Time only can lead you on

Still, it’s such a beautiful night

  #coldplay    #prospekt's march    #life in technicolor ii    #music    #365 days of music    #still in my top 10 favorite songs  
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Song: Ghosts That We Knew
Artist: Mumford & Sons
Album: Babel
Plays: 49

365 Days of Music|Day One Hundred and One

Ghosts That We Knew - Mumford & Sons

So give me hope in the darkness that I will see the light

'Cause, oh, that gave me such a fright

But I will hold as long as you like

Just promise me we’ll be alright

  #mumford and sons    #babel    #ghosts that we knew    #i love this album more than i love myself    #music    #365 days of music  
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Song: I'll Follow You
Artist: Shinedown
Album: Amaryllis
Plays: 121

365 Days of Music|Day One Hundred

I’ll Follow You - Shinedown

I’ll follow you down

Through the eye of the storm

Don’t worry; I’ll keep you warm

  #shinedown    #amaryllis    #i'll follow you    #music    #365 days of music    #gaybraham hella  
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Song: Ready Aim Fire
Artist: Imagine Dragons
Album: Iron Man 3: Heroes Fall
Plays: 511

365 Days of Music|Day Ninety-nine

Ready Aim Fire - Imagine Dragons

Off in the distance

There is resistance

Bubbling up and festering

  #imagine dragons    #iron man 3    #marvel    #heroes fall    #ready aim fire    #movie was shit but i like this song    #365 days of music  
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Song: Weight of Living, Pt. I
Artist: Bastille
Album: Bad Blood (The Extended Cut)
Plays: 91

365 Days of Music|Day Ninety-eight

Weight of Living, Pt I - Bastille

Stepping forward out into the day

Shrugging off the dust and memory

Though it’s soaring still above your head

It’s out of sight and none shall see

  #bastille    #bad blood    #weight of living part i    #music    #365 days of music  
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Song: The Rocky Road to Dublin
Artist: The Dubliners
Album: Celtic Pride II
Plays: 39

365 Days of Music|Day Ninety-seven

Rocky Road to Dublin - The Dubliners

One, two, three, four, five

Hunt the hare and turn her down the rocky road

And all the way to Dublin

Whack fol-la-de-da!

  #the dubliners    #dublin    #rocky road to dublin    #music    #celtic pride    #HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY    #365 days of music  
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Song: Possess
Artist: Kajiura Yuki
Album: Pandora Hearts Original Soundtrack 1
Plays: 19

365 Days of Music|Day Ninety-six

Possess - Kajiura Yuki

  #kajiura yuki    #possess    #pandora hearts    #why was the soundtrack so good and the anime so bad    #365 days of music  
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Song: C'Mon (with Fun.)
Artist: Panic! At the Disco
Album: C'Mon (with Fun.) - Single
Plays: 1,059

365 Days of Music|Day Ninety-five

C’Mon - Panic! at the Disco feat. fun.

What would my head be like

If not for my shoulders

And without your smile

  #cmon    #panic at the disco    #patd    #fun    #music    #365 days of music